That’s the lesson being reinforced today as my family of 4 (including one who is four) enjoys a lovely jaunt across half the country in a Ford Fusion that seems much smaller than it was yesterday…

Patience. I could easily let the edginess I feel boil over, leaving everyone feeling worse (okay, maybe I already did that). But it only took a moment to realize I wouldn’t trade a single moment of these 17 hours. I’m lucky to have them. So instead, for the rest of the trip I choose patience.

The thing is, patience is in many ways a tougher sell than kindness. You can’t take a picture of it. It’s hard to brag about how you didn’t lose it. Being patient is not glamorous either. But it is the perfect antidote to the anger and agitation in the world, so I am going to try to cultivate some. How ’bout you?