Good comes in all shapes and sizes. I hope that contemplating the sorrow and senselessness of the act at Newtown has dispelled all darkness from your heart. But there is a chance that what you’ve seen and heard recently has left you with doubt, despair and feelings that are worse than when this happened. Today, immerse yourself in stories of hope and gladness. Read about these acts of kindness and warm your heart by their glow. I hope that you will be filled with the desire to love more deeply and care more generously.

Let’s add our own stories to the inspiration!!

  • Stacy responded to Ann Curry’s call for #26acts with her own blog. She is doing very simple things which add up to a lot. As she said on day 3, “This is too easy. Why has this taken me so long?” I think we all assume we’re doing good because we aren’t doing anything bad. It’s no longer enough to just avoid stirring up trouble, is? Keep it up, Stacy!!
  • The readers of this blog responded overwhelmingly to ensure hundreds of kids are able to receive a Christmas present this year when it looked as though, due to many extenuating circumstances, there would be none.
  • This seemingly never-ending list of small acts causes me to tear up everytime.
  • If you are running out of ideas and want to find a way to help out Newtown directly, this news site has a collection of links to various efforts that support the community.
  • This story encourages me to know that town of Newtown is already receiving lots of help. The pizza is free! Can you imagine?
  • The story that seems to have been the one that sent the message of 26 acts of kindness viral is keeping tabs on many of the stories. Another long, inspiring list. Enjoy!

How are you spreading the love? As Stacy says, “This is too easy.” The only question truly is, why haven’t we been doing this all along?