I have been so encouraged by the fact that more and more of what I am encountering in others’ writing on the tragedy at Newtown tends towrd the good. The tone sounds more like “we all have to work together” than anything I have ever heard in the past. I still see plenty of folks using the opportunity to push their agenda — don’t get me wrong; we both know they are out there — but I am thankful that their voices are being drowned out by the voice of reason. More and more, the calls for kindness, civility, commonality are going out. I can’t deny that I am overjoyed to know that in the face of yet another circumstance that truly has brought us to our knees, we are lifting one another back up instead of bullying and blaming. If that doesn’t honor the victims of this, I don’t know what else would.

It is Day Four for me. Which, in normal “old-me” language, means “it’s quittin’ time.” Day four of a diet? “Having a cookie (or several), because I’ve been sooooo goooood.” Day four of running training for that 5K? “Well, don’t you know you are supposed to rest when you are training? Yes, 3 days in a row is fine…” Day four of ? “Uhhhh…. Not really sure why I even said I wanted to do this.”

This time Day Four is different. I’m not especially motivated to change the world on this particular Wednesday, but I’m moving forward anyway because it is the right thing to do. Kindness and a loving attitude are habits, just as sarcasm and impatience are. Even though I may not *feel* like it, I am here. And I am going about my day with as much compassion and charity as I am capable of. You know the amazing part? My capacity for these things is growing. I am growing. I will spare you the laundry list of things I could pat myself on the back for doing, but as I have to remind my daughter: You don’t get rewards for doing what is expected of you. I’ve just now returned to the level of doing the bare minimum of what is expected of me. On the one hand you could say how very sad that is, but as an eternal optimist I can’t help but be grateful that I’m on a better path and that I’m shining a little brighter. I’m a better person, even if it is just in a small way now.

So how is Day Four going for you? Maybe it isn’t even day one. Well, it isn’t too late to start. Especially if you happen to be stuck in a cycle of conversation that is not helping; if you are surrounded by people who just want to be right rather than make it right; if you are glued to the news coverage of who this guy was and what was he thinking? Please step away. Take time to yourself and read something positive. You are just as much a candidate for post-truamatic stress and depression from this event as anyone is, so please take good care of yourself. Turn off the noise that is bringing you down. Call a friend. Play music that brings you peace. Even though we are a quiet blog, you are welcome to post here. We need to do a better job looking out for one another. It used to be that you could look after your friends and neighbors without being accused of being in their business. I say bring back those days!! You are not alone. We are not alone. And we are going to get through this.


Update: HELLO Ann Curry!! Wow. I am ecstatic that 26 acts of kindness is catching on thanks to her conversation on the Today show. You can share your acts on Twitter with #26acts or #28DaysForNewtown. I said yesterday how I love it when I hear my thoughts come out of another person’s mouth. Especially one with an audience like hers!! Here’s to banding together and bringing the world together one act of love at a time.